Armonia Episode 1

The Holy Empire :

STORY, Armonia, the Holy Empire

To protect Armonia from the Abyss… Each of us has chosen different paths, but will follow one light heading for Armonia. Caisse Kielce prepared a memorial ceremony to pay tribute to the deceased patriots and asked the Pioneer Family, who had contributed to the liberation war, to attend the ceremony. During the ceremony, Vincent found the sign of Memento Mori left by Van on the memorial monument and started to trace the mark of Van together with the Pioneer Family. While tracking down Van, Vincent is tormented with his desire to reach the forbidden area and got into unexpected trouble when he was preparing to return to Armonia. The truth hidden for a thousand years was waiting for him when he arrived in Armonia...

빈센트 캐릭터

FIELD, Latina

Used to be the one and only farm of Armonia One day, fierce and violent monsters came to the farm and started to attack people. Armonia sent a small force to stop the well-trained beast monsters. The ruined land of Armonia Who on the earth did such an unforgivable thing?

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En Celar

Armonia Basement hidden in history for a long time The church committee found out that the power of Abyss was getting stronger from deep inside and was trying to resurface. The committee decided to reveal the existence of the hidden basement camp to the Pioneer Family and several high-ranking people. The Pioneer Family unexpectedly encountered the army of Abyss in the basement camp…

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MISSION, Priest of Darkness

Basement Camp, the final stronghold to protect earth against the army of Abyss This is the place where the graves of hundreds of warriors who have sacrificed their lives in the holy war lie. Help the Crusaders defend against the army of Abyss which is trying to extend their power up to the ground.


  • -You need to defeat the army of Abyss attempting to enter the camp and succeed in protecting the camp
  • -Materials for Armonia weapon can be acquired here.
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CHARACTER, Sirius Rigel

The current Deputy Commander of the Crusaders He lost his parents at an early age and was raised in a monastery which believes in God. He enlists with the crusaders to fulfill the divine judgment and eventually rose in ranks through his firm conviction and talent in battle. One day he stumbled upon information about the basement camp and Abyss. He went to the camp to aid his commander but he was left frustrated due to his powerlessness. He started to support the crusaders in the camp together with the Pioneer Family and renounced his duty as a crusader…

시리우스 리겔 캐릭터 1

STANCE, Holy Shielder

Armonia crusader’s exclusive stance Protects allies and embodies the holy power given from God through firm conviction. Due to the power from God, a character will have strong vital force and DEF.

시리우스 리겔 캐릭터 2
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MONSTER, Abyss, Fear

Strong ones among the emotions derived from Abyss form bodies by embodying their wills. Sometimes they consume humans with strong wills and use them as hosts to obtain greater strength by eating the hosts’ strong convictions. People call them as ‘Fragments of Abyss’. Most of the Fragments of Abyss move around individually but among them, Abyss Fear, which has been assigned to advance up to the ground, has a human with a strong will as a host and is targeting the basement camp.

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Holy Weapon & Armor

This strong holy power has had a great effect on the herd of Abyss. A known blacksmith created the perfect weapon using the Armonium. People call the weapon as ‘Holy Weapon of Armonia’. Only the blacksmith family can make the holy weapon and the weapon has been handed down from generation to generation.


  • By defeating monsters in the Granado Espada continent and Armonia, items required to obtain the recipe are acquired.
  • Once you bring the items to the blacksmith, you can obtain the holy weapon recipe.


방어구 산토 데 블랑 워록
방어구 산토 데 블랑 위저드
방어구 산토 데 블랑 스카우트
방어구 산토 데 블랑 파이터
방어구 산토 데 블랑 머스킷티어


아르모니아 무기 1
아르모니아 무기 2
아르모니아 무기 3
아르모니아 무기 4
아르모니아에서만 획득할 수 있는 새로운 31종 무기가 출시되며, 방어구는 산토 데 블랑 (워록)을 시작으로 업데이트 시마다 1종씩 공개 됩니다.

SYSTEM, Story Book

GE’s Behind Story

There were those who recorded the history of the people, who lived in Armonia and the incidents that happened in the past, hoping that the story would be passed down for generations to come… In the present, a sense of the past life of these people can be felt through their earnest wishes. The first page will be opened in the basement of Armonia, starting with ‘Book of Abyss: Profes War’.


  • The story book is a blank sheet at first and the pages will be activated in order by acquisition through various routes.
  • Starting with the Armonia story book, major NPCs’ story books will be added.
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