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3 Jumping Cards to be Veteran
30 Epic Grade Glaziums(Based on 3 characters)

Reward Item Instructions

  • Start
  • 1

    Before Starting (Startonia)

  • 2

    Director Lyndon

  • 3

    Begin Pioneering

  • Attention!!
  • 4

    Ferruccio Junction Cleaning

  • Attention!!
  • 5

    Statue of

  • 6

    Deliver a Secret

  • 7

    The Cleansing of
    Al Quelt Moreza

  • 8

    Shadow Dilos Latemn

  • Attention!!


3 Jumping Cards to be Expert

Reward Item Instructions


3 Jumping Cards to be Master

Reward Item Instructions

Make MCC!!

Select characters among Fighter, Wizard, Scout, Musketeer, and Elementalist We recommend you to make MCC starting with Musketeer + Musketeer + Scout The important thing is to follow your decision. Because this is your game.

Hatch out the pet Koko!!

Hatch out the pet 'Koko' with pet Expert. You can check the information of your pet through the information window (Alt+P). Koko automatically collects your items which can be obtained from monsters. Pet food is necessary if you want to activate your pet.

"Keep Mode"

Move to the nearby monsters and press 'Space bar' to use 'Keep mode'. You can hunt the monsters near by you without any control.

Promote your Characters!!

When you reach at 100 level with EXP item which can be obtained from this event, You can promote to Veteran level through NPC Master Guardian. (You should have materials of promotion : Shiny Crystals which can be obtained from monsters) Did you promote your character already? Then follow the steps below to increase your power.

  • 1. Select Character's abilities : Open the character info window and increase abilities you want.
  • 2. Get Veteran stances : Meet Class Master and buy a Skill book.
  • 3. Purchase gears : You already have "Epic Grade Glazium" as a present from the promotion. Buy weapons and armors with it through Merchant NPC in Auch now!
  • 4. Enchant and Enhance your gears : Do you want to feel the power? Try Enchantment and Enhancement [Link]

Recruitment system!!

Find 'Grace Bernelli' in Coimbra and clear "Recruitment quests" You will get her card and she will be your character. Berneli is a powerful mercenary. She will help your family become stronger.

Try 'Demonic Mission' Once a day.

Try 'Demonic Mission' once a day. Move to Bounty Hunters Guild in Auch and choose 'Demonic Mission' that you're allowed to do If you can't enter a certain mission room due to the level limit, you can enter when you pay Vis or Peso. but it's limited only once a day. If you achieved expert level, Our recommendations are Demonic Skeleton Dungeon and Demonic Bahama where you can get various items and appropriate EXP as well. You can also make a profit by selling rare items which can be obtained from the Mission.

You're not a beginner anymore!

Congratulations Pioneer, You've completed all steps for beginners. From now on, you can move to the area of Ustiur and continue vast scenario quests If you want more powerful items, go to Ancient Castilla Templa and defeat monsters. You can play the game comfortably by using ‘Keep mode'. You are the best pioneer of Granado Espada Online