Duration : March 29, 2017 to May 22, 2017
# Each account can get a maximum of 1pc of each unique reward
  Reward for 2,000 points
Strata Devil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone (Event)
  Reward for 1,600 points
Costume Coupon
  Reward for 1,100 points
Shiny Token - Evil
  Reward for 1,100 points
Shiny Token - Greek Croma
  0000 0000
  : No Family Name
  SMS Coupon Gift Box   Bristia Guild License (7 days)   Master Explorer Pack (1 day)   Rose Wing (1 day) Gift Box   Shiny Token - Artifact Material  
  Master Card (Event)   Constellation Weapon Merchant Summon Stone (Event)   Great Rumin Box   Principal Potion (Event)   Portable Great Illier Style Spider Steak (Event)  
  Ring Box (for event)   Total Status Ampule for Event   Potion of Steroid (Event)   Soul Crystal(Event)   EXP Card Box  
  • You Will get 1 point every 10 minutes of game play
  • Total points will be updated every 4amEST (Game Time)
  • All items are non-tradable
  • You may encounter an error when retrieving items at 4am EST
  • Play time in Barrack, World PVP, MA are not accumulated.
  • Points are earned from March 29, 2017 and this can be consumed until May 22, 2017 before maintenance
      (All points will be initialized on May 22, 2017 DURING maintenance)